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Hradecko region Executive committee

Basic information, goal and focus

The Executive committee was formed with the aim to provide an umbrella over the network of partner organisations active in tourism within Hradecko region with the ultimate aim to ensure the best possible co-ordination of activities and co-operation development in tourism in Hradecko region. Executive committee members share information about activities and development while co-operating on events and products implemented within Hradecko region. The committee meets at least two times a year or whenever required. There is also frequent communication among committee members by email or in the form of personal meetings.

Hradecko region Executive committee consists of partner network representatives formed in 2010. Namely, the members include representatives of the most important tourist attractivities located in Hradecko region, representatives of the statutory city of Hradec Králové, representatives of Hradec Králové Region, representatives of villages and micro-regions located in Hradecko region. If need be, other individuals representing other organisations with some relationship to Hradecko destination management are invited to committee meetings.

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