Hradecko – Destination for the 3rd millenium

Hradecko – destination for the 3rd millennium

HRADECKO region – destination for the tourist of the 3rd millennium project (project registration number CZ 1.13/3.2.00/37.01346) is based on the need for further development and co-ordination of marketing and co-ordination activities within the tourist area of Hradecko region started up by previous successful projects. The main impetus for drafting this project came from projects “Targeted presentation and promotion of Hradec Králové Region as a whole I. and II.” implemented by the Hradec Králové Regional Authority in a close co-operation with individual destination management entities within the region. The other reason was connection to a project titled “System of mutual promotion of Hradecko region tourist attractivities” implemented by the City of Hradec Králové with the support of SROP and successive implementation of another project by HKVS (destination management company) within ROP NUTS II titled “Hradecko – an efficient co-ordination of activities in tourism” from 2011 to 2013. The project was successfully completed in August 2013. The new project shall expand and support the awareness of Hradecko tourist region not only within Hradec Králové region and the Czech Republic, but also abroad while complementing the tourist offering that will meet the current tourism trends and expectations of tourists visiting Hradecko tourist region.


HRADECKO region – destination for the tourist of the 3rd millennium project is focused on implementation of modern information technologies in tourism, high-quality marketing and promotion and specific media information campaign targeted on further improvement of Hradecko tourist region visibility within the tourism industry (using the nationwide multiplex cinema network, co-operation with and mutual promotion of tourism within the network of tourism regions of the Czech Republic – presentation by means of tourism fair stands), gathering statistical data necessary to formulate conceptual tourist region materials as well as formulation of further tourism development goals including production of a promotion DVD and video clip, while reinforcing already established partner relations within Hradecko tourist region and Hradec Králové Region as such. Furthermore, this project aims to continue in stabilisation of tourist region destination management while providing the framework for systemic development of activities allowing for sustainable tourism development in Hradecko tourist region respecting the specific needs of the region.

Project outcomes are targeted to domestic and foreign customer base irrespective of age group with the emphasis on families with children and tourists interested in state-of-the-art technologies as well as tourists interested in cognitive tourism, culture and active holidays.

Furthermore, the project also emphasises partnership of individual institutions active in tourism management of the respective region (cities, villages, attractivities, TICs, etc.). Hradecko mobile app shall be developed for Hradecko tourist region. Moreover, tourist products focusing on MUNZEE worldwide game shall be produced within this project as well as a presentation DVD and a video clip mapping, promoting and navigating families with children visiting tourist attractivities in Hradecko region.

Project vision

Turn Hradecko tourist region into an attractive place for the tourist of the third millennium using not only the cultural, architectonic and historical treasures, but also by implementing modern communication technologies in tourism.

Global project goal

Create a comprehensive tourist offering reflecting the requirements of contemporary tourists on the basis of the existing partner network fulfilling the criteria of sustainable tourism development of Hradecko tourist region.

Specific project goals

  • Further develop and consolidate Hradecko tourist region partner network.
  • Promote Hradecko tourist region tourism offering by means of new information technologies.
  • Upgrade Hradecko tourist region marketing to the next qualitative level.
  • Generate other tourist products in the respective areas focused on selected forms of tourism while increasing the level of interest of specific target groups.

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