Chlum a památková zóna 1866

Battlefield 1866

Chlum battlefield lies about seven kilometres from Hradec Králové in the direction of Hořice. On 3 July 1866 the Austrian and Prussian armies clashed here in the decisive battle for the control over Central Europe. The Battle of Hradec Králové, Sadová or the Chlum hill - all the three names remind us of the bloodiest event of the 19th century in Europe. In the shade of Hradec Králové fortress, nearly half a million soldiers of all different nationalities fought. Both the armies lost about fifty thousand men here. The battle took place on an area of about a hundred square kilometres and affected about fifty villages in the region. Fighting occurred for instance in the villages of Probluze, Dolní Přím, or Rozběřice but the Chlum hill was the most crucial place of the battle. The result of the battle, in which the more modern Prussian army resoundingly defeated the Austrian army, determined the political character of Europe for a long time.

The entire area where the battle took place can be well seen from the observation tower on the Chlum hill. Under the tower, there is a museum devoted to this great battle. In memory of the fallen there are about five hundred gravestones as a torso of human tragedy that took place here in July 1866.
The monuments from 1866 are taken care of by the Committee for the Preservation of Monuments from 1866. The history of this committee dates back to the 19th century. Gradually, all monuments on places where Austrian, Prussian and Saxon soldiers rest are being reconstructed.

To commemorate the course of the battle events, the first weekend in July the memorial festival of the 1866 battle takes place on the Chlum hill.

Opening hours

April - October: daily except Mondays 9 am - 12 am, 1 pm - 5 pm Other months by prior arrangement.
Address : památník bitvy na Chlumu (The monument of the battle of Chlum), Chlum 66, 503 12 Všestary
Contact : Muzeum východních Čech (The Museum of Eastern Bohemia), Eliščino nábřeží 465, 500 03 Hradec Králové, Battlefield - phone: +420 495 447 058, +420 495 512 391,
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Education trails

There are two education trails for visitors interested in the 1866 battle. Socalled large ring around the central Chlum battlefield starts at the Museum of the 1866 Battle and leads to the memorial called the battery of the dead and the artillery trench no V. The observation tower offers interesting views of the area of the battle. Red markings will take you past the restaurant "U polních myslivců" (At Field Riflemen's) and the memorial of Kuhn's battery to the village of Lípa. One of the most interesting stops at the battlefield is the mausoleum with a chapel and also a more distant pseudo-gothic charnel- house Ossarium with the monument of Vilém of Lipá. This is the place where remains of the fallen, which are still found in the fields around, are placed. From the charnel-house, the trail follows through the fields to the Prussian cemetery with gravestones. From here, you can continue along the track of the dead all the way to Rozběřice, where further gravestones and a well-known sculpture Deutschmeister are found.

The second education trail starts in the village of Čistěves and leads north to Svíb. On the left, you will find a majestic sandstone pyramid devoted to the memory of the fallen and a massive monument - socalled Field Rifleman. The reminders of the fallen can be found in the Alley of the Dead, which will take you along a number of gravestones and crosses to Máslojedy village. Following the green markings, you will return to the Field Rifleman monument. From Čistěves you can set off to Dlouhé Dvory where the monument to the fallen in the 1866 battle, the obelisk with a bronze eagle, and other gravestones are found. Through Střezetice you will get to Probluze with an early baroque Church of all Saints. Not far from the church, there is a monument with the bust of the Saxon Crown Prince Albert. Around the village of Dolní Přím you will find more gravestones of the fallen, especially near St. Alois's statue outside the village. This is the end of the excursion of the monuments to the 1866 battle.
New trails are constructed in the area of the battlefield to make it easier to explore this fascinating place where the course of the history in the 19th century was decided.

Prehistoric Village Všestary

There is another place of interest revealing more about the history of Chlum much older than the history of the battle. In the municipality area of the Všestary village, outside the Chlum battlefield, a prehistoric village is found. This village is a part of the exhibition of the Centre for Experimental Archaeology of the Faculty of Education in Hradec Králové. It is a model construction of a prehistoric settlement which was created using solely prehistoric procedures and technologies. On your visit you will not only be shown round the village by a guide, but in the second part of the tour, you will be taken to a roofed exposition during which a film by the Department of Experimental Archaeology is shown.

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