Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové has a population of almost one hundred thousand people and is situated on the confluence of the Rivers Elbe and Orlice in North-Eastern Bohemia. It is the metropolis of Eastern Bohemia, the regional city and the natural centre of the important tourist area of Hradecko, it is the municipality with a high standard of living which has been awarded the title of “Family Friendly Town”.


A prehistoric settlement was located at the confluence of the Rivers Elbe and Orlice, which is documented by finds from this area dating back to primeval times, the era of Ancient Rome and Slavonic fortified settlements. The first written reference to Hradec Králové as a town can be found in the deed of Premysl Otakar I of Bohemia dated 1225, which proves it is one of the oldest towns in Bohemia. In the early 14 century Hradec Králové became a royal dowry town and the activities of the Queens, especially of Queen Elizabeth Richeza, left a significant imprint all around Hradec Králové. The town flourished during the Renaissance and further development came with the arrival of Jesuits when Hradec Králové became the centre of education. During the reign of Maria Theresa and Joseph II, owing to its strategic location the town was rebuilt into a military stronghold, which was demolished after the nearby Battle of Chlum of July 3, 1866 that ended in defeat for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The look of the modern city was mostly contributed to by two significant Czech architects: Prof. Jan Kotěra (1871–1923) and his pupil Prof. Josef Gočár (1880–1945), who then continued carrying out building activities following the modern principles of regulation and urban planning. In this era Hradec Králové acquired the attribute “Salon of the Republic”. The one time Salon of the Republic continues enlarging and throughout the last decades new interesting architectural structures have appeared, often winning the Construction of the Year title and other architecture awards. The modern Public Transport Terminal built in 2008 and situated close to the Main Station of the Czech Railway is the transport hub of the city.

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