Mikroregion obcí 1866

The municipalities most affected by the war events of July 3, 1866 together formed a voluntary union of municipalities Benátky, Čistěves, Hořiněves, Máslojedy, Neděliště, Sendražice, Střezetice a Dlouhé Dvory, Světí, Vrchovnice a Všestary. One of their main goals was the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Rural Development, Tourism and Promotion of the Region, for the Preservation of Monuments, etc.

In addition to the central battlefield on Chlum, which houses more than four hundred war memorials, there is a very varied offer of religious monuments in this micro-region. Let us name the church of St. Prokop in Hořiněves or the parish church of the Holy Trinity in Všestary.

One of the most interesting attractions in this area is undoubtedly the Memorial of Václav Hanka - his native house in Hořiněves. And who was Václav Hanka? Poet, philologist, linguist and one of those who contributed to the revival of the Czech language in the 19th century. Hank House No. 10 is located in the upper part of the village Hořiněves and is a proud representative of folk timber architecture. Its past is associated with a coaching inn, farms and fields and a butcher's trade. At present there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Václav Hanka.

Nature trails also pass through the microregion. The “Josefov-Smiřice-Chlum 1866” trail will introduce you at 15 stops to the events that preceded the Battle of Hradec Králové on 3 July 1866 and will also reach places where bloody Prussian-Austrian battles took place. The second is the “Battle of Dvur Kralove nad Labem” trail on July 29, 1866. It starts in Choustnikovo Hradiste and at 16 stops, in addition to the history of Dvur Kralove nad Labem, it acquaints visitors with places of battle like Libotov, Hřibojedy and others. The educational trail "Battle of Hradec Kralove on July 3, 1866 - South Wing" was inaugurated on the 140th anniversary of the battle and accompanies the visitor to the most important monuments of the battle, especially in the southern part of the Nechanice. Near Šrám's Cross below Chlum, where it ends, it follows the nature trail "Central Battlefield Chlum", which was established by the Museum of East Bohemia and contains a total of 20 stops on the route of 10 km. Another educational trail, which was established by the Museum of Eastern Bohemia, is the trail “Battle of Hradec Králové on 3 July 1866 - retreat of the Austrian army”. This trail is also the last link between the battlefield and Hradec Králové. The Forest of Svíb is a trail leading from the village of Čistěves to the village of Máslojedy, through the forest of Svíb, where the biggest fighting took place on the right flank of the Austrian army. Here you can find the so-called Alley of the Dead with dozens of stone monuments and mass graves.

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